Odemon #30

Nidorina chewed and tenderized the food and spat it onto the cave floor. “Here you are, little one.”
“Thanks mama!” The female Nidoran munched down on the soft food. Nidorina watched the young one and smiled.
It had been some five years now. Five years exiled. But what sort of life had it been before? Defending the young while the males gallivanted about fighting and attacking whatever held their fancy? Watching as the males cornered the young female Nidoran to mate with them–or worse, the ruler, Nidoking, mating with them, four times their size. Sometimes the poor dears were crushed.
Of course, no one wanted the Nidorina. They were too old, too worn from fighting attackers, too… well, broken from having already mated when children!
So she took this Nidoran away and fled from the group. At least one Nidoran could live a free life.
“Mama?” Nidoran approached Nidorina, having eaten the food. “I was wondering–why don’t we live with the other Nidoran?”
Nidorina sighed. She lay down and motioned for Nidoran to cuddle close. “Nidoran, let me tell you a story…”

-Odemon #30 Nidorina

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