Odemon #363 Top?

A group of Spheal munched on a pile of fish. With each bite they clapped their flippers in pleasure.
Then they heard a rapid clapping unlike that of their own, followed by a laughing.
“Yes, hello fellow Spheal-os!” A new Spheal jumped into the group, this one with big stubby feet and many more sharp teeth and splotchy blue and cream coloring that showed the colors were spraypainted on. “Yes, yes, we’re all clapping and eating and having fun!”
“Thank you, I do look like a Spheal. Because I am a Spheal! Yes, totally.”
The Spheals looked at each other. They weren’t sure about this new Spheal.
“You should be very sure about this new Spheal because I am totally a Spheal and not a beach ball!” Top said. “I am totally not here to eat you all!”
They pushed Top off the ice and into the cold water.

-Odemon #363 Spheal

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