Odemon #551

Concealed under the sand they waited. Patience was a virtue like this, waiting for anyone to unwarily walk by so they could chomp their leg.
Sandile waited.
They hoped it would be a Trapinch. Those tasty little buggers were delicious!
“Howdy, neighbor!”
“Wha?” Sandile nearly jumped out of the sand. Who spotted them? They saw nearby a Trapinch head sticking out of the sand.
“I almost didn’t notice you there,” Trapinch said. “How’s it going?”
“Oh, uh, hi, neighbor?” Sandile said. “I’m new here, want to come over for a housewarming party?”
“No thanks, I’m going for the record of not going anywhere,” Trapinch said. “I’m already up to a week!”
“A week?”
“I’m hoping to go for another!”
“I can’t wait that long!” Sandile burst out of the sand and charged at Trapinch. Trapinch retreated under the sand and the ground collapsed under Sandile. The Desert Croc fell down the hole onto Trapinch and the Ant Pit Pokemon ate them.

-Odemon #551 Sandile

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