Odemon #674

-Okay so first what you do is put Pancham in the center of a box all by itself. Then you fill the box with pure Psychic-types. Leave them in there for a day, then release Pancham. Wait a day then go out into the grass near the Pokemon Center you released it from. You’ll encounter your Pancham, same level and gender and nickname if you gave it one. Catch it, and it’ll evolve into Pangoro.
-No no no, that’s not how you do it, don’t listen to them. What you have to do is open Pancham in Pokemon Refresh and punch it a lot. Then you start to feed it stuff but drop it all on the floor
-No, that’s stupid, what you actually do is feed it 150 bitter medicines
-No, 1000 berries of the type it doesn’t like
-First turn your game system upside down and shake it, then drop kick it fifteen feet away
-Put Pancham alone in your party and save your game, while it’s saving remove the cartridge. Missingno. will attack
-You have to Stop ‘n’ Swop Pancham into Dark Souls III
-Transfer Pancham to Pokemon XD
-Hit it with a pie
-Shadow Mario
-Beat Up

-Odemon #674 Pancham

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