Odemon #550

Wimpod skittered onto a rock at the lake’s edge. He’d finally moved out on his own, and this lake was a perfect place to live.
A sudden growling and smashing shook the silence and Wimpod nearly flipped onto his back in shock. He peered down to the water below.
“Thought I told you to stay out of this part of the lake!” shouted a Basculin.
Another Basculin growled. “This ain’t your part of the lake, Hatfield!”
“It sure ain’t McCoy territory!”
“Yes it is and you know it!”
The two Basculin lunged at each other, biting and flailing in the water. Shortly after several more groups of Basculin arrived and joined the fight until it was a free-for-all.
Wimpod ran away from the lake. Maybe he could find a swamp or a volcano to live in instead.

-Odemon #550 Basculin

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