Odemon #106

This ‘mon can really make a hit!
His flurry of kicks just won’t quit!
Hitmonlee, that’s his name
His kicks put all the rest to shame!
One kick, two kick, that’s all you need,
Double Kick’s the move with which we’ll lead!
Jump up, jump high, don’t hit a wall,
Jump Kick and High Jump Kick, foes will fall!
Have a need to break a brick?
Use Brick Break with a powerful kick!
Hitmonlee can Wide Guard, if he needs to
And stretch his legs out just for you.
Foot’s on fire? That’s totally sick!
Burn your foes with a flaming Blaze Kick!
The strongest kick is not that great,
And you don’t get STAB so Mega Kick is useless.
But if you’re low on health, reverse the attacks,
Reversal will make some damage racks!
HItmonlee, kicking supreme!
Kickboxer member of the Hitmon-team!

-Odemon #106 Hitmonlee

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