Odemon #670

Floette led Timburr to the flower patch. “Here’s my garden, full of flowers! You may have a big log, but these flowers come in all sorts of fighting styles.”
“You have a lot of them, yeah,” Timburr said. “How do you even fight with all of them? I mean, no offense, but they kind of just seem like flowers.”
“They all have different abilities,” Floette said. “Like this old one, it’s one of my favorites.” She picked a tulip.
“What’s it do?” Timburr asked. She peered closer. “And why’s it have eyes?”
“Well, you just squeeze here,” Floette said, “and–” The Fire Flower burst out a flame over Timburr, charring her. “Oops! I’m sorry!” Timburr’s log fell to ashes. “Sorry, sorry!”

-Odemon #670 Floette

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