Odemon #105

Mandibuzz cackled at Marowak as she stole his bones. Not, like, the ones in his body, just some bones he’d been saving.
“Give those back!” Marowak shouted.
“Try and make me,” Mandibuzz said.
Marowak wound up his arm and hurled his Bonemerang at the Bone Vulture Pokemon. Mandibuzz screamed. “That bone can fly?” She flinched, but the bone sailed right through her. “Ah?” She laughed. “That bone is Ground move, it cannot hit me in the air!” She laugehd as she flew away.
Marowak growled. He had to change, become a new type that he could fight Mandibuzz with.
A Bounsweet popped up next to him. “Hi!”
Marowak screamed. “SCARY GRASS TYPE!” He became a Fire/Ghost type. “There now I’m safe.”
“But why the Ghost-typing?” Bounsweet asked.
“BECAUSE I’M BONES NOW LEAVE ME ALONE.” Marowak burnt Bounsweet away. Then Mandibuzz smacked him behind the head and stole more bones, laughing in the sky.
“Aha, I’m not a Ground-type anymore!” Marowak said. He hurled a Shadow Bone at Mandibuzz. It hit her.
“Ah, now you hit me, but I barely feel a thing, you bonehead!” Mandibuzz hit Marowak with Dark Pulse and knocked him out.

-Odemon #105 Marowak

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