Odemon #310

Manectric ran across the field, using her high speed to avoid the shots of water from the Empoleon. When she was close enough she charged at the Emperor Pokemon and bashed her with a Wild Charge, knocking the penguin back. Empoleon wasn’t deterred and swirled water at the Discharge Pokemon, but Manectric resumed running.
A burst of water shot around Empoleon and she shot at Manectric with more speed than even the wolf had, slamming her with an Aqua Jet. Manectric skidded back but held on, charging electricity into the air to form a thundercloud. Manectric howled and sent a Thunder–er, attack, because actual Thunder is just sound, but Thunderbolt is a different move entirely–at Empoleon!

Definitely! The thundercloud definitely sent a Thunder attack at Empoleon!

Where was the figgin Thunder?
Empoleon hit Manectric with a surge of water and knocked her out.
Hey, what do you want from me? I was too busy writing this to make The Cloud shoot out lightning. *disappears with a poof*

-Odemon #310 Manectric

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