Odemon #490 Manaphy

Manaphy coughed and groaned. “No, you can’t take me!” they said in a sickly tone. “I’ve bonded with my Muky!” Manaphy hugged the Muk, who smiled and put an arm around Manaphy. The Manaphy looked shriveled and discolored, dirty like water from a muddy riverbank.
“DUDE, YOU CAN’T STAY HERE!” Dragonair shouted. “YOU’RE WAY TOO VULNERABLE TO BAD ENVIRONMENTS! I mean, look at you! You look dead already!”
“Noooo!” Manaphy said, squashing their face into Muk.
Muk pulled Manaphy away from them. “Look, y’gotta go, Manaphy. This place ain’t good for yer health.”
“But I want to stay with yoooou!”
“We won’t have to be away forever, y’know,” Muk said. “I’ll come visit ye when I can, and when yer older’n stronger you c’n visit me again. Otherwise y’won’t get older’n stronger, y’see? So y’gotta go.”
Manaphy sniffed, coughed, and nodded. “Okay… promise me we’ll see each other again.”
“I promise.” Muk gave Manaphy to Dragonair, who carried the Seafaring Pokemon out to sea. Where it would fare better. Because it’s the seafaring Pokemon.

-Odemon #490 Manaphy

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