Odemon #592

Two Frillish, pink and blue, swayed together in the ballroom of the undersea mall– er, castle. It had been a lovely night, the princess had finally met someone who wasn’t a dense bonehead–in fact, he was quite light and had not a bone in his body.
Then it was all over. With a stroke of midnight the Frillish went into a panic, said he had to go, and swam away. The princess chased after him, but he was gone, leaving nothing but a marvelous, rainbow scale.
Which was weird, because Frillish didn’t have scales.
You know, probably.
As for the blue Frillish, he swam into the dark of the sea as he shrank, his density increasing as his arms shortened back into fins and scales covered him–ugly, crusty scales.
He was a Feebas again. He’d had one wonderful night, and now it was over.
Anyway a few days later the princess went out hunting and ate the Feebas without ever finding out he was the dude she’d danced with that one night. That’s okay though because she later met a very nice pink Frillish who was honestly way better than that guy she met for one night and then flaked out of the whole thing anyway, I mean, seriously, who does that?
The end!

-Odemon #592 Frillish

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