Odemon #342

Ultima Moon held up the Pokeball. “All right! I caught a Crawdaunt!”
“Who are you talking to?” Rotomdex asked.
“You.” She called out Crawdaunt. “Start recording its information.”
“Crawdaunt! The Rogue Pokemon. Its pincers often fall off. Unlike with Crawbrawler or Clauncher, the meat in its claws is utterly nasty and stinking.”
“Wait, how do you know that?” Ultima asked.
Rotomdex floated behind a bush and spat something out. “I dunno. Just do.”
“Wait, did you–” Ultima looked at Crawdaunt, who had one claw missing. It proceeded to smash Rotomdex with its remaining claw.

-Odemon #342 Crawdaunt

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