The Rig Veda: Creationism

I’ve been going through my old college textbooks of stories and other written works from various English classes. We never looked at everything in them, which in retrospect means what we read was largely up to the views of the professor, but now that I don’t have to discuss it or write about it and can just read it on my own time, I want to go through everything! But I’m reading other authors and books too so I’m going through it pretty slowly, but I finished the Odyssey sometime last year, which was the last thing in this textbook I read. Then I put Top in it!

So according to this the Rig Veda is part of the Vedas, the sacred texts of Hindus in India. The Rig Veda is partly about the origin of the universe, and it discusses questions about before the gods and how they didn’t create the universe and the origin and stuff.

In this day and age creationists might say, “what was there before humans? what was there before the universe? it was GOD.” And maybe someone will respond, “What was before god?” And a creationist might say, “THERE WAS NO BEFORE GOD GOD WAS FOREVER”

Glad to see Hindus thought about it 3000 years ago.

It’s 2019, is it still cool to even talk about creationists? I mean, it’s about a decade after I read this stuff for college, and now I do want to write about what I’m reading, so I’m not going to let something like timeliness stop me!

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