Odemon #489

A new report out today has indicated that the Manaphy population in the oceans has been decreasing. As ocean tempreatures have been rising, Manaphy have been hatching as the mutant, damaged Phione instead. The CEO of Tyrantum Oil, Mr. Stock Carrot R, held a press conference refuting the report.
“This is entirely ridiculous. Manaphy and Phione are two entirely different species of Pokemon, and warming seas wouldn’t have an adverse effect on Manaphy, and also the sea isn’t warming anyway. Besides, Phione are cuter, see?” Stock held up a Phione, who squirmed in his grasp. “They’re much cuter so everyone should just forget about the Manaphy anyway.” Phione squealed and flailed, slapping Stock until he dropped it. “SEE? CUTE.”
The league of Manaphy and Phione held a separate press conference later to refute this stance.
A Manaphy stood on a podium. “Manaphy!”
This has been another Pokemon Special Report.

-Odemon #489 Phione

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