Odemon #14

“Gee, big bro,” Weedle said, “I’d be terrified in your situation. You can hardly move!”
“We have a saying when we evolve,” Kakuna said. “Kakuna matata.”
“What does that mean?”
“It means no problems,” Kakuna said.
“Buuuuut,” said a Butterfree, who landed on a branch. They read from a book. “The actual phrase, hakuna matata, means no problems because ‘hakuna’ means ‘there is not here’ and ‘matata’ means ‘problems’ (or trouble). By changing the first word, what you really created is a phrase that means ‘Kakuna problems’.”
“Oh no,” said Kakuna, being eaten by a Fearow.

-Odemon #14 Kakuna

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