Odemon #628

Godtyranitar stood on G’s feet after being knocked down. G wasn’t going to take that lying down, and G charged back to hit King Hydreigon.
Meanwhile with the human drama, the humans sat in a car staring across the massive gap in the road caused by Godtyranitar’s fall.
“Now how are we getting out of here?” asked human.
“I fight for my friends!” Braviary shouted, flying at the giant monster fight. And no, it wasn’t a Rodan-sized Braviary, it was just a normal-sized 1.5 meter Braviary going to go fight Pokemon Kaiju.
“Wait, Braviary!” said human. “Don’t fight for us! We have a better way you can help us!”
Anyway that’s how Braviary got stuck carrying an entire car in B’s talons across a huge gap.
“I should be carrying this car into battle!” Braviary said.

-Odemon #628 Braviary

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