Odemon #778

Once upon a time there lived a lonely little imp. Nobody cared for it; it was so ugly and horrifying that everyone shunned it. This imp wanted to be popular, like the cool popular kid in town. The imp discovered a way to steal the body of someone with magic, and so they gathered the ingredients to cast this spell. But the spell was wrong, and rather than give the body to the imp an evil spirit took control of it, while the popular kid was turned into a bug. As the evil spirit proceeded to attack the town, the imp apologized profusely and joined the cool kid bug to stop the evil spirit and get the popular cool their body back. As the bug kid distracted the evil spirit the imp got in position and scared the evil spirit right out of that body, allowing the cool kid to return to it. The imp began to leave when the cool kid stopped it. While they were a bug they could create silk, and they used that to knit a costume for the imp. A costume of the cool kid. Now the imp could be a cool kid, too. The imp was so happy and joined the Pokemon in the town, proving to be a good friend and an invaluable ally. The end.

-Odemon #778 Mimikyu

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