Odemon #369

“We previously believed this Pokemon had gone extinct, but we discovered specimens at the bottom of the sea, unchanged for one hundred million years, except for its teeth atrophying apparently. We have named this Pokemon ‘Relicanth’.”
What is the meaning behind that name?
“The name ‘Relicanth’ means ‘Hey, remember that guy named Pelicanth who discovered this Pokemon still existed? I’m glad he named it after himself so we’d always remember him!’ It’s a true story, too.”
Why has this Pokemon not changed in so long?
“We believe it has not changed because Relicanth is already a perfect life-form.”
“I’LL be the judge of that!” King Dedede burst into the press conference and grabbed the microphone. “Think you’re so perfect, Relicanth? Think again! I’m already perfect, and you don’t look anything like me. So let’s settle this! Come on up to Mt. Dedede for the prize fight to decide who really is perfect! Oh, can’t get up a mountain because you can’t leave the sea? Who’s perfect now, fishy?” Dedede dropped the mike and walked offstage.

-Odemon #369 King Dedede i mean Relicanth

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