Odemon #591

Amoonguss flailed its Poke Ball arm caps. “Hey! Hey, all you Pokemon! Who wants to go in a Poke Ball? Come on! Everybody’s doing it!”
A Ducklett waddled over. “Does anybody ever actually take a bait that is neither deceptive nor actually desirable?”
“Um. Yes! Everyone does,” Amoonguss said. “You should, too.”
A Voltorb then rolled up, knocking Ducklett over, and snuggled up to Amoonguss’ Poke Ball cap. “You have such a deep red, my dear. Why don’t we go back to my place? I have a lovely generator we can eat from.”
Amoonguss looked at the Voltorb, shrugged, and ate it.
They were sick for a week.

-Odemon #591 Amoonguss

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