Odemon #122

How do you write what has no words?
That’s the story of Mr. Mime!
Ask it to review your book, can’t even get blurbs
That’s because it’s Mr. Mime!
It never makes a sound
Its shoulder pads are round
The first move it learns is pound
(At least in Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee, anway.)
That’s how it goes for Mr. Mime!
Miming is how it spends its time!
Makes invisible walls it can climb!
Makes a decent maid to clean your grime!
Could use its mime abilities to engage in crime!
Its favorite food is not a lime!
That’s the story of Mr. Mime!
This Odemon was for Mr. Mime!
Who is always silent? Mr. Mime!
Never says a word except for “Mr. Mime!”

-Odemon #122 Mr. Mime

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