Odemon #298

“Welcome back to the Pokemolympics! I’m your commentator, Deerling. With me is my co-commentator, Poochyena.”
“Couldn’t agree more. Now, our next athlete is Azurill! Let’s see how they do.”
Azurill hopped up to the starting location, spun their blue ball above them, and hurled it across the track, sending the rest of them flying after it, landing a whopping thirty-seven meters away.
“They stuck the landing!” Deerling shouted. “It’s a new long jump world record!”
“Shot put? No, it’s not the shot put. Is it?”
“Can we get some clarification in here? Was this the shot put event or the long jump event? Or was it both? Did the organizers combine them to speed things up because the arena and surrounding area is falling apart from poor planning?”
“Oh, right, I wasn’t supposed to say that out loud. Everyone pay attention to Azurill! This is their moment! Unless this was shot put in which case that was actually a pretty poor showing.”

-Odemon #298 Azurill

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