Odemon #345

You’re looking to spruce up your house so you head to the flower shop
The shopkeep says this flower comes pre-potted in its fancy purple pot
It looks real nice so you buy it, not suspecting one little bit
That you just bought a a fossilized regenerated ancient monster flower pit
You take it home and set it up, a nice-looking little flower
But when you lean in to smell it it grabs you and then it starts to devour!
You got a Lileep!
A Lileep in your house, and now it starts to creep
A Lileep with its tentacles, seeking to grab and eat
But then when you feed it your annoying neighbor you start to think it’s neat!
You bought a Lileep!
A Lileep in your house, and it wasn’t cheap
A Lileep that is hungry, but if you treat it swell
You’ll become fast friends and it will not eat you, ’twill lick you with the eight tentacle tongues that it has, oh well!
You own a Lileep!
A Lileep in your house, its one you want to keep
You cannot take it for walks but you can teach it tricks like spitting and light shows
And if it gets hungry, don’t worry, just set it outside in your field as a guard as it reaches and nabs and then eats all those pests who were eating your garden up, the crows.

-Odemon #345 Lileep

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