Odemon #718

Zygarde 100% forme battled against a rampging Guzzlord. It blasted the Ultra Beast with a big blast. It could defeat this otherworldly monster. But then a piercing scream racked the skies and a second, shiny Guzzlord appeared–and a third! Zygarde couldn’t stop all three on its own. It needed… THE CANADIANS! It sent a distress beacon across the ocean…
And the Zygarde cells of Canada, which in the Pokemon world I’m going to assume is called the Moople Region, began to coalesce.
10%! Zygarde Dog dashed down the streets and over the fields, heading for the east coast and collecting more cells as it went.
20%! It grew wings and soared into the sky as a rooster, flying over the cities and gathering more cells.
30%! It became the Internatioanl Prototype of the Kilogram. It immediately fell from the sky and plopped into the sewer. There more cells floated to it until…
40%! It transformed into a crocodile that charged through the water until it gathered enough cells to become…
50%! The Giant Worm! It smashed through the walls of the sewer and dug its way to the east coast. Only an ocean to cross to reach Kalos, and with enough cells it became…
60%! It split into a mass of tentacles and crossed the ocean as an octopus. It reached Kalos, but it wasn’t at 100% yet. It needed…
70%! The Entire Province of Quebec! By transforming into The Entire Province of Quebec, it gathered more cells, even though the entire point of the Canada joke was that because all the cells in Kalos were in the first Zygarde it needed ones from Canada, and it transformed again into…
80%! It landed on a soldier charging to the kaiju battle and sat on them as a beret. Fortunately, General–wait was there any military-types in Kalos? I can’t remember. Whoever! They had a cache of Zygarde Cells and were able to bring it up to…
90%! As Jim Carrey he put on a big mustache and flew into Zygarde 100%, piloting it from within and double teaming the triple team Guzzlord and blasting them back into the Ultra Wormholes!

-Odemon #718 Zygarde

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