Odemon #637

Long ago an ancient land,
Budding with future promise,
Temples built upon the sand
To hold a Pokemon, this:
An embodiment of the sun with wings,
With flaming embers all over it flings,
Burning away all things.
Once entombed, twin heroes ruled
With a dragon of absolute power,
The region they planned, designed, and tooled,
And led from the top of a tower.
But the truth of the matter, ideals were not met,
The twins disagreed, their people did fret;
To war they would go, for the stage was set.
In anger the dragon split into two,
Truth or ideals, and a third that was cold,
Emtpiness fallen, freezing energy grew,
And spread o’er the land and did damage untold.
The war was a stalemate, destruction did reign,
The dragons did sleep; for humans, disdain,
Until truth or ideals could be attained.
The frozen dragon iced over the land;
The people sought a savior in the sun,
Released the moth from the temple of sand
To force back the dragon until it was done.
But the moth of the sun was full of a rage,
Trapped so long, sent the world into blaze,
Across the land the fire did spread,
Forests burned down and Pokemon fled,
To the rescue the Swords of Justice sped.
Defending Pokemon from the raging sun,
And angry humans now on the run,
The Swords called help from natural forces,
And the guardian in clouds sent out stormy sources.
Directing the wind and the rain to cool land,
The sun cooled off and returned to the sand,
And peace, until humans once more expand…

-Odemon #637 Volcarona

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