I am Now Taking Story Commissions!

This is primarily a post for the hypnosisnakerotica crowd, because I only expect them to be interested in commissions, so–

As the title says, I am going to start taking commissions for writing and editing! I have a whole set of guidelines at this Google Document, so if you’re interested, read through it and then fill out the Google Form linked to in the guidelines!

The document first lists out the guidelines to follow, so please read that carefully. Then I go over my specialties, which of course is mostly hypnosis and snake stuff, but I have a few other things I can do and I’m open to more, just ask if you’re not sure!

For writing a story, the price is $20 + 4 cents per word. I give some examples of 1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000-word stories I’ve written, which would come to $60, $100, $140, and $180 respectively. I also waive the $20 if you ask for a story exclusively with my characters, because that’ll be easier for me.

Editing is a little more expensive, because that takes more time. I’ve put together two packages, one 10 cents per word and the other 15 cents per word. You can pay for me to edit stories I wrote for you, or you can pay me to edit stories you wrote.

I can also help you work out details and a profile for a character if you’re looking to make a character of yours more in-depth.

Totally leave a comment or contact me somewhere mentioned in the Contact page at the top bar (email, discord, twitter, deviantart–just make sure for the latter two you contact the right account) if you have a question!

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