Lasting in the Jinn World (hypnosis/jinn microstory)

Content warning: non-consensual jinn hypnosis, mind control, trickery, groping; also you’re put in the role of a character who doeSN’T RESPECT THEIR ELDERS???

You look out across the wispy landscape of sands and trailing vapor. You swear you can see a portal on the horizon. The sky is dim, its rainbow sun nearly set, but you’re certain you and the elder could make it to the portal before it’s too dark to see. You’d love to get out of that sand-infested world of the jinn. You’re certain any shortcut through it could be traversed in less than a day, but the elder chose caution.

It’s rare, she said, in that world of sand and smoke and wisps, to find something as solid as an outcrop of stone, let alone one with a nook under a cliff. As night falls the jinn become more brazen. The chance of encountering frisky one when out in the open is greater than hiding in a nook for the night.

For this reason, the elder tells you numerous times to climb off the outcrop and into the nook before a jinn catches sight of you. Yet you sit and stare at the portal you know is near, fuming.

Finally, you stand.

“You can stay here and get sand in your clothes all night, Elder,” you say, “but I’m getting back to our world where I can sleep on fresh grass, if not even find a real bed.”

The elder scoffs.

“Get down here before you hurt yourself. This is a dangerous place, and this is your first time here. You wouldn’t last an hour out there without someone experienced in this land to guide you.”

You glare down to where the elder’s voice comes from. You can’t see her, but you can imagine a mocking smiles. You step off the outcrop across the sand.

“I can look out for myself just fine,” you mutter. “I’ll shock that old pain by greeting her at the next village, far more rested than she’ll be.”

You scarcely take five steps when crimson smoke erupts around you. Smooth hands grab yours, skin as midnight blue as a black jaguar. A shapely form appears before you, a grinning face with long dark hair and eyes pulsing with light fuchsia and indigo backed by a darker, piercing burgundy.

“Now, now, your friend is right.” The jinn pulls you close, filling your gaze with her eyes as she presses you against her round breasts, much of them exposed save for a low-cut fiery top. “You wouldn’t last one hour out here.”

Your first instinct to pull away is muffled as you stare into her eyes, the colors swirling over your thoughts and trapping your attention. She hugs her strong arms around you and pins you against her as her smoke solidifies into wide hips. She twirls her silky crimson smoke around you.

“This land is very dangerous,” she says as she draws you deeper into her eyes and embrace. “At any time a sexy jinn could grab you and”—she twirls a hand over your back and grips your chin with her other—“hypnotize you into a mindlessly horny slave.”

Something about that statement sounds strange—familiar, somehow?—but your train of thought swirls around the jinn as she rubs her silky body against you. She curls her smoke in a tight embrace around your body and binds your arms and legs down. Your head fills with mist as the jinn’s smoke closes around you, her swaying head dragging your gaze in a circle, and you mindlessly gyrate your own body in response to the jinn’s movements, rubbing against her soft touch as she rubs you in all the right ways.

As the jinn’s silken tail wraps up your back she moves her fingers up your neck and behind your head, curling her fingers through your hair and pulling your head closer to her hypnotic eyes, the colors soaking your mind with enchanting bliss. She chuckles as she angles your chin in her hand to sneak a quick kiss, and her luscious lips leave you wanting more, sinking deeper into her grasp.

“But don’t worry, Gorgeous,” the jinn says. “I know this land, and I can be your guide.”

She sneaks another kiss as she presses closer around you, sneaking her silken smoke under your clothes to coat your skin. Your shoulders slump as she massages them with a new pair of hands. Her tail curls around your hips and between your legs, and she curls her hips around you and rubs her butt against yours.

“You’ll have to do something for me, first.” She chuckles as she pulls you closer to her lips. “You just have to let me hypnotize you into my mindlessly horny slave.”

With this command she kisses you deep on the lips, lingering as she subsumes you into her wispy embrace. Your mind fills with fog, the pulsing colors of her eyes drowning your thoughts. You grin wide and respond to the kiss with your own smooch, returning her love as she warps your mind out of your control. You sink under her power, no thoughts but her commands, mindless, empty, a willing slave to her lustful desire.

She strokes her hands and tail over your body, fondling you like a possession, while her hypnotic eyes stroke your mind. She surrounds you with smoke and warps you away into a private dimension, where she has all the fun with you she wants.

You won’t reach the village tonight, or tomorrow, but you still get to sleep on a bed, though perhaps not a real one.

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