New snake microstory + new short story on Sponsus!

Before I get to the new short story I wanted to announce a new short story I was commissioned to write. It’s on my Sponsus for $3+ donators, and will go public in a week!

There might be another one coming by the time this one goes public, too!

Now for our feature presentation, by which I mean the new microstory I posted on Sponsus a few days ago. It places you in the jungle facing a snake that claims to be a famous masseur, or something, it’s hard to tell when you get caught by those eyes.

Deep Brain Tissue Massage
Content warning: non-con snake hypnosis, coils, intent of vore, also you’re given the role of someone angry at a friend

Up a tree, up a tree. Lost in the jungle and you’re up a tree. Is it actually safer up the tree than down below? Well, it can’t be more dangerous, right? As long as you and your friends don’t come to blows, anyway. You’ve wandered together all day in the jungle and at this point you can’t remember whose fault it is, and you’re pretty sure your friend can’t remember whose fault it is, but that hasn’t stopped either of you from blaming the other.

A good night’s sleep is what you both need. Maybe you’ll both feel more agreeable after that. Unfortunately, you don’t expect either of you to get it with the hard branch. What you’ll really need after this is a nice massage.

And so you and your friend sit up in an uncomfortable tree, still steamed at each other, when a snake drops from the canopy above in front of you. At first you glare at it and wave it away, but your heart flips when it speaks.

“Sssay, now, what do we have here?”

“A talking snake?” you whisper. You pat your face, wondering if you somehow managed to fall asleep and began dreaming.

“Yesss, indeed,” the snake says. “You look ssso uncomfortable up here, perhapsss I can help you get comfy.” It leans close and slides its body over your shoulders, but you shoo it off.

“Oh, go away, I’m trying to sleep here.” You roll your eyes when your friend groans.

“I’m trying to sleep too, you know,” they say. “Why don’t you go away so I can get some sleep.”

“Oh, no, no,” the snake whispers, “neither of you should go anywhere.”

You stare at the snake as it sways in front of you, its eyes glowing with a ring of blue and green, then green and yellow, and so on, pulsing in his eyes with a dazzling display.

“You sssimply mussst let me massssage you to sssleep,” he says, nodding and swaying his head. You follow, gaze locked to the snake’s hypnotic eyes. “I’m well-known among the denizensss of the jungle as the best massssager around.”

Your anger falls under relaxing fascination, the snake’s eyes rippling out over your vision as your eyes and movements mirror his, blue and green spreading over your eyes. Your focus narrows to the snake, pupils shrinking, tightening as new rings spread over your eyes, slow at first but speeding up as you stare deeper.

“Yesss, I always ssstart from the bottom up.” The snake slithers his tail behind you and curls over your legs, wrapping a coil around your hips and squeezing. With a spark you realize something is off, but you can’t lift your arms—the snake wrapped over your wrists and is snaking his way to binding your arms further.

You need to get out of this. You can’t stop staring and following the snake. You need help. You call out to your friend, anger forgotten as thoughts of danger and bliss fight in your head, but the snake shushes you before you mumble a full word.

“Please be sssilent,” he says. “Don’t ssspeak and disssturb the other patrons, pleassse.” He nods, and you nod with him. Yes. Don’t speak. Don’t disturb the other patrons.

The thought of other patrons confuses you, but the snake pulls your gaze in a swirling circle and that confusion subsides in favor of a general daze. The massage winds higher, coils squeezing your belly and grazing your chest as your arms sink halfway into the scaly pile.

“Feels gooood, doesssn’t it?” The snake chuckles as he pulls your gaze into a nod. “Now it’sss time for a deep tissue massssage.” He moves closer until his eyes are all you can see. “Let me hypnotize you deeper, deeper, and give your mind a sssublimely sssoothing deep tissue massssage.”

Your mind swims, overloaded with hypnotic colors. Half your mind believes you’ve wandered into a massage parlor and the other half is lost in a dark, swirling sea of empty thoughts. A tiny sliver continues to speak of danger, but anytime it speaks up the scales rising around you massage it into silence.

Deeper you sink into the snake’s hypnotic mind massage. Each thought swirls into oblivion, memories darkened, senses and feelings warped into bliss. The snake’s eyes draw your desires into his control until you desire only more colors, more coils, more control.

“Sssleep,” the snake croons. “Let me massssage you to sssleep.”

He wraps around your chest, coils over your legs and hips growing heavier as he winds higher, squeezing and massaging your upper arms and grazing his scales over your shoulders. He rises to pull your gaze up, lifting your head so he can slide his tail over your shoulders and knead you deeper under his spell. You sink into his scaly grip, hefty coils weighing you down, hypnotic colors weighing your mind, dropping you deeper, deeper, sleeper.

The snake wraps around your neck to massage it, all your skin from your neck to your thighs coated with squeezing, sublime scales. He tightens his coils, pressing you closer under his weight, and he wraps a second loop around your neck to hold you tight.

He wraps a third loop around your neck and squeezes tighter, forcing you to gulp. He chuckles.

“Want to make certain you don’t ssspeak up and disssturb the patrons.”

With one more possessive squeeze your mind falls, dropped into dark splashes of color coating your vision and your mind. You grin wide as pleasure fills your senses, no thoughts, only bliss.

The snake chuckles and lifts you behind the canopy foliage, and he turns to your friend with a hungry grin.

Time for their second customer of the evening, then settle down to a nice dinner.

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