Pokemon Moon Comic 121: Roof

I’m not entirely sure where my thought process was going with this one but maybe it’s better that way

By the way, 2021 retrospective should come in a couple weeks.

Pokemon Moon Comic 120: Ice Stone

look at this cool sandslash

Odemon #481

Warm and still, the lake swished calmly in the breeze. At least, at first glance the lake appeared still, but little eddies and streames flowed through the water as if the lake were alive, always feeling things.
At the edge some trees rustled, and a Magnemite emerged.
“I FOUND IT,” the Magnemite intoned. “LAKE VERITY.” It floated over the water and to the island at the center, on which stood a cave. It wasn’t much bigger than one of the houses in the nearby town, but within lived the Pokemon the Magnemite wanted to meet.
“MESPRIT,” the Magnemite stated. The lake guardian of emotion, Mesprit, emerged from the darkness.
“Hello!” Mesprit shook the Magnemite’s magnet. “Isn’t this a lovely day? I was thinking of watching a sad movie later, would you like to join me?”
“MESPRIT,” spoke the Magnemite. It gestured to itself with its magnets. “AS YOU CAN SEE, I AM A ROBOT. I AM WITHOUT EMOTION. I AM HOLLOW.” Its magnets drooped. “PLEASE GRANT ME THE WONDER OF EMOTION SO THAT I MAY LOVE.”
“Silly robot,” Mesprit said. “You already have what you need to feel emotions, in here.” They placed a finger on the Magnemite.
Mesprit sighed. “Well, if you really want a heart, you’ll have to bring me the Wicked Mismagius of the West’s broom.”
“Here, try this.” Mesprit gave Magnemite a Magnet. It stuck to its metal body.
“THANK YOU, LEGENDARY MESPRIT. I HAVE FOUND MY SOUL MATE.” It left the cave with the Magnet, humming a happy tune.

-Odemon #481 Mesprit

Pokemon Moon Comic 119: Zygarde

This is basically how I treat every special or legendary Pokemon.

Pokemon Moon Comic 118: Sucker Punch

now that’s what i call a sucker punch

Year since Wandering Fortunes

Man it’s been a year since I posted the last Wandering Fortunes chapter huh?

That’s all. I’m still working on behind the scenes stuff but it’s going to still be a long while before I get going on that again. Just wanted to mention that.

Another Pokemon comic is incoming.

Pokemon Moon Comic 117: Brushing Incineroar


Odemon #5

Charmeleon slouched to the cave exit. “I’m going out.”
His mother Charizard looked out from the kitchen. “When are you going to be back?”
“I dunno.”
“Be back before dinner!”
“I’m gonna grab a bite to eat with the guys.”
“Young man!” Charizard said. “I have slaved over a stove powered by my own tail for this dinner, and you will be home for it!”
“You’re not the boss of me!” Charmeleon ran out.
Charizard shook her head. Ever since her son evolved he’d rebelled… but then, she was much the same way at his age…
That night, Charmeleon got with others of his kind and picked fights. He won every fight, because he wouldn’t give up the last fight. By the end of it, he collapsed…
Evolution can be hard to come to terms with…
“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Wartortle asked. “I didn’t start picking fights with everything when I evolved.”
“You dealt with your changes a different way,” Ivysaur said. She patted Wartortle’s furry tail. “You became a furry.”

-Odemon #5

Odemon #589


-Odemon #589 Escavalier (NOT Excavalier)

Odemon #780

Two mothers sat at a table chatting.
“My child hasn’t been doing well in school,” one said. “I’m going to work with the teacher to get them to pay attention more.”
“He’s a good teacher,” the other said. “I’m sure he can work something out.” She glanced around. “Where is your kid right now, anyway?”
“Oh, they’re outside playing.”
“Isn’t that dangerous? There’s a lot of wild Pokemon out there.”
“The local Drampa is playing with them. It’ll keep them safe.”
Drampa burned the house down.
The mother grabbed her child. “Were you bullying kids again?”
“No!” the child cried.
“Then why did Drampa burn our house down?”
“I dunno!”
“Drampa only burns down houses if the kid is bullying its friend!”
“They started it!”
“Then Drampa would’ve burned their house down!”

-Odemon #780 Drampa