Odemon #514

Fire monkey Simisear
Favorite foods are sweets
Embers scatter from its ears
As its head heats

-Odemon #514 Simisear

Odemon #124

The two human characters who were part of this Odemon examined audio recordings. They were audio scientists, which I assume is a thing.
“We’re finally close to cracking the Jynx language, I can feel it,” human one said.
Human two looked at the Jynx in the lab. “We’ll finally learn what secrets these weird Pokemon are saying.”
Every time either of them said something a Jynx spoke up with, “Jynx.”
Which was annoying when they were listening to recordings of Jynx so they stopped talking as they pieced together the last bit of the Jynx’s incomprehensible language. But incomprehensible no more, for by reordering the sound they determined what the Jynx were really saying! It was a historic moment as they played the new recording back, and understood the Jynx for the first time as it played:
“Jinx, you owe me a soda.”
The two humans looked at the Jynx in the lab.
“What?” asked one, while at the same time a Jynx said, “Jynx.”
The two humans looked at each other.
“You know what, I think Jynx actually communicate through dancing.”
“Yes, that makes more sense, it’s the universal language probably maybe.”
And they destroyed all record of the work they’d done there. For if every time Jynx spoke someone owed them a soda… No. The human race’s soda reserves were too valuable to risk it.

-Odemon #124 Jynx

Odemon #272


-Odemon #272 Ludicolo

Odemon #345

You’re looking to spruce up your house so you head to the flower shop
The shopkeep says this flower comes pre-potted in its fancy purple pot
It looks real nice so you buy it, not suspecting one little bit
That you just bought a a fossilized regenerated ancient monster flower pit
You take it home and set it up, a nice-looking little flower
But when you lean in to smell it it grabs you and then it starts to devour!
You got a Lileep!
A Lileep in your house, and now it starts to creep
A Lileep with its tentacles, seeking to grab and eat
But then when you feed it your annoying neighbor you start to think it’s neat!
You bought a Lileep!
A Lileep in your house, and it wasn’t cheap
A Lileep that is hungry, but if you treat it swell
You’ll become fast friends and it will not eat you, ’twill lick you with the eight tentacle tongues that it has, oh well!
You own a Lileep!
A Lileep in your house, its one you want to keep
You cannot take it for walks but you can teach it tricks like spitting and light shows
And if it gets hungry, don’t worry, just set it outside in your field as a guard as it reaches and nabs and then eats all those pests who were eating your garden up, the crows.

-Odemon #345 Lileep

Odemon #172

‘Lectric baby
Little ‘chu
Small and squeak
Zap you
Tiny cute
Rodent tot
Sunny face
Schemes a plot

-Odemon #172 Pichu

Odemon #368

GREEN: Hey everybody!
GOLD: Sup!
GREEN: Have you all heard about this Gorebyss Pokemon? I was taking a look at it, it’s really elegant. Exquisite, even.
GOLD: Really gotta use this fancy words, huh?
DIAMOND: oh yeah, the pink thing with the long nose?
GREEN: That’s its mouth, actually. It uses it to feed on seaweed between rocks.
GOLD: Neat!
DIAMOND: it gets really vivid during the spring, doesn’t it? i wonder why that is.
GOLD: Oh, I’ve looked into that, it’s the rise of water temperatures.
GREEN: Interesting.
DIAMOND: makes it look really nice.
GREEN: What do you mean by that?
SAPPHIRE: Okay look Gorebyss doesn’t eat SEAWEED BETWEEN ROCKS, it uses its thin mouth to puncture Pokemon and drain their fluids!
GREEN: What??
SAPPHIRE: And it doesn’t become vivid from the water’s temperature, it becomes more vivid after it’s done eating!
DIAMOND: what??

-Odemon #368 Gorebyss

Pokemon Moon Comic 106: Combala

whoa what i’m doing this again?? A GREAT COMIC TO START THIS BACK AGAIN HUH?? I’ve actually had this comic forrrrrr FIVE MONTHS!? Gourd. I’d meant to actually post it a few months ago I guess but things prevented me from doing so and then I just kept not doing it, every time I remembered I was busy and then I forgot later. I actually do have a couple more done but I’m going to continue the monthly posting I’d intended on doing until I finish. And I do, in fact, intend on finishing. Just maybe not until gen 9 comes out…

New! Wandering Fortunes Chapter 28: Sorry Search

Wandering Fortunes Chapter 28: Sorry Search

Alden snapped at his friends and broke them apart. Can he pull himself together and apologize, or will they drift away? It may be night, but he’s not going to stop until he’s made up with Top and Ropak–but that may be easier said than done, and there may be something unexpected afoot…

If you want to help me continue making these, you can pledge and give some money on my Patreon or Ko-Fi! The former is a monthly pledge while the latter is a one-time gift, and with both you can see the next chapter a month early if you want to find out what these soldiers are up to sooner. I also post a weekly update on Patreon where I talk about what work I did that week and post a small excerpt, and it’s usually pretty far ahead compared to what I post publicly or even unique to it.

Odemon #127

Grip them tight! In the vice!
Bind and crush! Shatter slice!
Toss if tough! Throw them far!
Hurl away! Like a star!
One-two hit! Double strike!
Crossing slash! Scissor spike!
Drop them down! Thrash and shred!
Then off! Off! Off with their head!

-Odemon #127 Pinsir

Odemon #695

Solar-powered frills
Electricity strengthens
But hot! Searing pain

-Odemon #695 Heliolisk