Odemon #122

How do you write what has no words?
That’s the story of Mr. Mime!
Ask it to review your book, can’t even get blurbs
That’s because it’s Mr. Mime!
It never makes a sound
Its shoulder pads are round
The first move it learns is pound
(At least in Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee, anway.)
That’s how it goes for Mr. Mime!
Miming is how it spends its time!
Makes invisible walls it can climb!
Makes a decent maid to clean your grime!
Could use its mime abilities to engage in crime!
Its favorite food is not a lime!
That’s the story of Mr. Mime!
This Odemon was for Mr. Mime!
Who is always silent? Mr. Mime!
Never says a word except for “Mr. Mime!”

-Odemon #122 Mr. Mime

Odemon #160

on land
move slow
goes by
your snout

-Odemon #160 Feraligatr

Odemon #538


-Odemon #538 Throh

Odemon #173

Little Cleffa, Poke Doll
Cleffa child, you’re so small
Squeeze the Cleffa, it goes squeak
Squeeze to hard and it goes eeeeeeek
and shuffle your hand into your deck, then draw 7 cards

-Odemon #173 Cleffa

Odemon #381

So speedy!

-Odemon #381 Latios

Odemon #716

Just how does Willy Wonka make those everlasting gobstoppers?
“Ah, it’s a trade secret, my friend,” said Willy Wonka. “And it’s defiintely not a giant deer with the power to grant everlasting life that I’m using to make candy!”
Well, that’s good enough for me!

-Odemon #716 Xerneas

Odemon #752

Moon (no I’m not going to call her Selene) watched an Araquanid, making notes on her Pokedex.
“Aw, it’s so caring,” she said. “It found a weak Pokemon and pulled it into its bubble to protect it!”
Sun (I’m definitely not calling him Elio) looked up at it.
“Uh, that Araquanid is definitely drowning that Pokemon.”
The two trainers glared at each other.

-Odemon #752 Araquanid

Odemon #16

Little Pidgey
Hides away
Docile bird
Avoids a fray
When it’s threatened
Kicks up sand
When with friends
Sings in a band
Coo, coo, coo
That’s what we say
Coo, coo, coo
That’s the Pidgey way
Coo, coo, coo
Don’t wanna get in no fray
Coo, coo, coo
Just wanna sing all day

-Odemon #16 Pidgey

Odemon #591

Amoonguss flailed its Poke Ball arm caps. “Hey! Hey, all you Pokemon! Who wants to go in a Poke Ball? Come on! Everybody’s doing it!”
A Ducklett waddled over. “Does anybody ever actually take a bait that is neither deceptive nor actually desirable?”
“Um. Yes! Everyone does,” Amoonguss said. “You should, too.”
A Voltorb then rolled up, knocking Ducklett over, and snuggled up to Amoonguss’ Poke Ball cap. “You have such a deep red, my dear. Why don’t we go back to my place? I have a lovely generator we can eat from.”
Amoonguss looked at the Voltorb, shrugged, and ate it.
They were sick for a week.

-Odemon #591 Amoonguss

Odemon #727

Sonic the Hedgehog dashed his way into another Odemon! Then Incineroar smashed him off the stage and he died.
INCINEROAR’s Odemon is Smash Bros.!
The Ice Climbers surrounded Incineroar, hammers drawn, but the Heel Pokemon spun with a Darkest Lariat and bashed the parka-clad climbers away. Incineroar smashed away all comers–Palutena, Kirby, ROB, not Yoshi because the grace of the author god saved the dinosaur, but Tony the Tiger grabbed Meta Knight, bounced him off some boxing ropes that appeared out of nowhere, and threw him into the sky. Incineroar clobbered all comers, new and old! They were unstoppable!
A Mii jumped into the ring behind Incineroar. They turned to face this new opponent…
HELLO KITTY is Now Branded in Smash Bros., Too!
Incineroar gasped and stepped back. Hello Kitty lifted her brawler fists, ready to fight.
But Incineroar kneeled down. They couldn’t do it! They couldn’t fight their own daughter!
But what’s this? Hello Kitty lowered her fists. She wasn’t there to fight Incineroar.
She was there to tag team with Incineroar to BEAT UP EVERYBODY IN SMASH BROS.! BATTLE TIME!

-Odemon #727 Incineroar