Odemon #135

Electric power
Ion shower
Shocking fur
Speedy blur
Fur can shatter
But shocks can batter
A spiky mess
And also depressed

-Odemon #135 Jolteon

Odemon #7

Little shell
Tiny Turtle
Poke the shell
Out comes Squirtle
Spits out water
Bubble blows
Lower head
Bash your foes
Withdraw in shell
Blocks all blows
Then Hydro Pump
The water flows

-Odemon #7 Squirtle

Odemon #41

“Zubat, use Supersonic!” Zubat started flying around really fast. “No, Supersonic!” Zubat looked confused in however way a Zubat would look confused. “You know, shoot sound waves and confuse the opponent!”
“You’re thinking of ultrasonic,” Rotomdex said.
“But the move is called Supersonic???”

-Odemon #41 Zubat

Odemon #554

“What’s that smell?” Character 1 entered the kitchen holding their nose from from a scent like hot sewage.
“I made cookies!” Character 2 said. They placed a sheet of cookies on the counter.
“But why do they smell like rotted friend onions?” Character 1 looked at the oven. “And I thought your oven was busted.”
“Well, it is,” said Character 2, “so I just filled it with hot Darmuaka droppings to bake the cookies!”
Character 1 gagged and opened all the windows in the house.

-Odemon #554 Darumaka

Odemon #769

The waves slowly sloshed to the shore as a small child piled together sand into a sandcastle. Well, it was more of just a sand mound. After a few of these mounds they stuck a toy shovel in it and then waddled off looking at seashells.
“Kids these days!” The sand mound rumbled into a Sandygast. “I swear, never finishing their work, never cleaning up, it’s shameful! Why, back in my day they built sandcastles to make a sand ghost proud, and they always made sure to clean up their litter and belongings, and they had to walk fifteen miles uphill to get to the beach because they built such grand sand mounds and…”

-Odemon #769 Sandygast

Odemon #479

Gas-guzzling car: Poison type!
Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots toy: Fighting type!
Steam shovel: Ground type!
Computer: Rock type!
Beldum: Psychic type!
A cockroach with a control chip implanted in it: Bug type!
Mechagodzilla: Dragon type!
Fog machine: Dark type!
Animatronic Abraham Lincoln: Steel type!
Magic wand: Fairy type!!

-Odemon #479 Rotom

Odemon #469

“Yanmega, use Bug Bite!”
The Ogre Darner Pokemon shot at the Exeggutor at high speed and zipped up around its long neck. Before the tall tree could respond Yanmega bashed past it, biting it in the head. The Exeggutor toppled to the ground.
“All right, you did it–” The trainer squealed. Yanmega held one of the Exeggutor heads in its powerful jaws. “You bit off its head!”
“Yan?” The Exeggutor head exploded, knocking Yanmega out.

-Odemon #469 Yanmega

Odemon #206

Item #: SCP-P206
Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: A box with the walls slightly high.
Description: useless. why do we spend resources containing this thing.

-Odemon #206 Dunsparce

Odemon #700

Sylveon the soother, the calmer, the healer
It kinda just says right here you have feelers
If someone’d told me in the past
there’d be an Eeveelution with feelers
I’d probably think a Bug-type
Eeveelution would’ve been realer

-Odemon #700 Sylveon

Odemon #799

All the Ultra Beasts sat around a table for Thanksgiving. Because apparently USA colonized Ultra Space and it now celebrates American Thanksgiving.
“I’m so glad you all made it,” Nihilego said. “Before we begin, let’s all go around the table and say what we’re thankful for.”
Pheromosa sighed. “If we must.”
“I’m thankful I finally stopped giving myself paper cuts!” Kartana said.
“Disco!” Blacephalon said.
“I’m thankful they stopped blaming me for the energy crisis,” Xurkitree said.
Guzzlord burst in. “SORRY I’M LATE EVERYONE” They gobbled up all the food on the table and then the table.

-Odemon #799 Guzzlord