Odemon #311

Rah, rah, rah!
Do your best!
Rah, rah, rah!
We can win!
Rah, rah, rah!
Cheer enthuse!
Rah, rah, rah!
With Minun, my friend!

-Odemon #311 Plusle

Odemon #298

“Welcome back to the Pokemolympics! I’m your commentator, Deerling. With me is my co-commentator, Poochyena.”
“Couldn’t agree more. Now, our next athlete is Azurill! Let’s see how they do.”
Azurill hopped up to the starting location, spun their blue ball above them, and hurled it across the track, sending the rest of them flying after it, landing a whopping thirty-seven meters away.
“They stuck the landing!” Deerling shouted. “It’s a new long jump world record!”
“Shot put? No, it’s not the shot put. Is it?”
“Can we get some clarification in here? Was this the shot put event or the long jump event? Or was it both? Did the organizers combine them to speed things up because the arena and surrounding area is falling apart from poor planning?”
“Oh, right, I wasn’t supposed to say that out loud. Everyone pay attention to Azurill! This is their moment! Unless this was shot put in which case that was actually a pretty poor showing.”

-Odemon #298 Azurill

Odemon #459

O Holiday Snover, o Holiday Snover
Your branches green delight us
Atop the summit in summertime
Visit the base in wintertime
O Shnebedeck, o Shnebedeck
Your fingers green delight us
O Holiday Snover, o Holiday Snover
How very curious you are
You gather round footprints in snow
You approach travelers you want to know
O Shnebedeck, o Shnebedeck
How very curious you are
O Holiday Snover, o Holiday Snover
You grow nice frozen berries
Around your belly, they are so neat
With the texture of frozen treats
O Shnebedeck, o Shnebedeck
You grow nice frozen berries

-Odemon #459 Snover

Odemon #464

Rhyperior Power Armor
Power Beam: fire a rock
Wave Beam: fire a Geodude
Plasma Beam: fire a Magcargo
Ice Beam: fire an Amaura

-Odemon #464 Rhyperior

Odemon #344

Figurine built
Clay golem doll
Psychic ray gives life
Psychic power protects from rain
Lose power, water melts
Rain dissolves
Doll melts
Sand hardens
Into new form
Claydol to

-Odemon #344 Claydol

Odemon #682

In a perfume factory, a representative of the company led reporters on a tour.
“Here we have our Spritzee feeding centers. As you can see, the Spritzee have plenty of room to move but they’re all in separate terrariums based on their diets.”
A Spritzee handler handed one to the representative. “This little fellow is fed on a diet of strawberries, and as you can smell this gives them a fresh strawberry scent.”
As the tour continued a reporter asked about a big steel door they passed.
“We’re working on exciting new fragrances in there, but it’s secret right now. Our scientists have to study the Spritzee to make sure they can digest the food we feed them, so it takes time. Though I can’t say much, I can tell you we’re researching the possibility of a chocolate Spritzee fragrance.”
As the tour continued the reporter who’d inquired about the door slowed down until they were at the back of the group. They ducked past a corner and into a hidden spot where they threw on a lab coat uniform for the company and headed back into that restricted access door.
The next day the news had an exposé: the Spritzee Perfume Company was feeding Spritzee poisons mixed from Stunky fluid, Koffing gas, and dragon scales. This created noxious Spritzee they sold to police and military units for tear gas and smoke bombs.
I’d like to say that the Spritzee Perfume Company was shut down and investigated after this, but let’s be real, all that happened was they paid a modest fine and promised not to do that anymore, while obviously five months later they were doing it again in another location. Obviously.

-Odemon #682 Spritzee

Odemon #792

The moon beast takes flight
Absorbs the sun, reflects light
Draws the veil of night

-Odemon #792 Lunala

Odemon #358

Strong breeze shakes the trees
Crying screaming Chimecho
Suction cup holds tight

-Odemon #358 Chimecho

Odemon #122

How do you write what has no words?
That’s the story of Mr. Mime!
Ask it to review your book, can’t even get blurbs
That’s because it’s Mr. Mime!
It never makes a sound
Its shoulder pads are round
The first move it learns is pound
(At least in Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee, anway.)
That’s how it goes for Mr. Mime!
Miming is how it spends its time!
Makes invisible walls it can climb!
Makes a decent maid to clean your grime!
Could use its mime abilities to engage in crime!
Its favorite food is not a lime!
That’s the story of Mr. Mime!
This Odemon was for Mr. Mime!
Who is always silent? Mr. Mime!
Never says a word except for “Mr. Mime!”

-Odemon #122 Mr. Mime

Odemon #160

on land
move slow
goes by
your snout

-Odemon #160 Feraligatr