Odemon #685

The Pokedex says “It’s like it can see with its nose!” but you just know Slurpuff are saying “humans, it’s like they can smell with their eyes!” Mostly because we’ve kept from them the secret that our eyesight is actually nothing to write home about.

-Odemon #685 Slurpuff

Odemon #343

An archeologist stepped between spinning Baltoy, examining them. He peered at one closely and with a gasp called for his associate to see his discovery.
“I’ve found one! A Baltoy that’s spinning on its head!”
The other archeologist looked the Baltoy over.
“That’s a Hitmontop.”

-Odemon #343 Baltoy

Odemon #154

CHARACTER 1: So you’re saying your plants just died?
CHARACTER 2: I don’t understand it. They say talking to your planets make them healthier, so I was telling them about how I arranged my sock drawer and they collapsed!
CHARACTER 1: Oof. We’re going to have to bring in a professional for this one.
*MEGANIUM enters, breaths on plants, they all come back to life immediately*

-Odemon #154 Meganium

Odemon #387

Turtwig, Turtwig
Soil Shell
Dirty back and moist as well
Turtwig, Turtwig
Beaky snout
Bites down hard without a doubt
Turtwig, Turtwig
On head a twig
You’d probably make for a terrible wig

-Odemon #387 Turtwig

Odemon #347

“Anorth is said to be a type of Pokemon predecessor, with eight wings–”
ME: Wait, wings? Wings?? *picks up Anorith* Those things are supposed to be wings?
ANORITH: Um, yeah? What else would they be?
ME: I dunno. I always thought they were like… feelers, or something. Fins? They don’t look like wings!
ANORITH: They’re insect wings.
ME: … *looks at Yanma* yeah okay fine.

-Odemon #347 Anorith

Odemon #723

Dartrix stared down Mudbray. “Haha, you can’t possibly expect to beat me,” Dartrix said. “A ground-type? Weak to Grass?”
“But I know your secret weakness,” Mudbray said. “You can’t fight with dirty feathers!”
Mudbray used Mud-Slap! It doesn’t effect Dartrix…
Dartrix laughed. “I am immune to dirt!” A Kabuto fell on them from the sky.

-Odemon #723 Dartrix

Odemon #513

TRAINER entered Reversal Mountain. “Okay, according to these Pokedex notes, Pansear lives in caves in volcanoes, so I should be able to find one here.”
ANYWAY LONG STORY SHORT THEY DIDN’T BECAUSE PANSEAR HAVE BEEN EXCLUSIVELY LOCATED IN FORESTS IN THE GAMES. I think the kids writing these Pokedex entries are trying to punk the professors who send them out to do their work for them.

-Odemon #513 Pansear

Odemon #121

CHARACTER 1: I FOUND AN ALIEN! *holds up a Starmie*
CHARACTER 2: What? That’s not an alien. I have a real alien right here. *points to Deoxys* There’s very few on Earth and it can change into different formes.
CHARACTER 1: Big deal that describes most Legendary Pokemon now. But Starmie, THIS thing is geometric!
CHARACTER 1: shut up you don’t count you’re a rock

-Odemon #121 Starmie

Odemon #86

Sea, um… Eel… well that’d be about it I guess.
“Seel isn’t a sea eel, though.”
It… it could be…

-Odemon #86 Seel

Odemon #354

An evil laugh echoed through the mechanical base. “I really must get rid of that echo.” The evil laugh continued. “Nobody in the world would have such evil genius as to create this diabolical plan! Nobody but the the great Dr. Eggman!”
Orbot and Cubot watched Eggman monologue. “Back in another Odemon, I see,” Orbot said.
“I thought we already took over the world with that dog,” Cubot said.
“Now!” Eggman said. “Start the machine!” He watched the machine as it powered on. “For years I’ve used small animals to power my robots; now I will use the power of cursed spirits!” He looked at the floppy doll inside the machine, and the doll glared back. Despite its smile, the Banette looked like it wanted to rip Eggman’s mustache off.
“Let’s get that energy out of there,” Eggman said. “Unzip that mouth!”
A claw lowered into the pod and grabbed at the Banette. The ghostly Pokemon floated away, but other claws held it down and unzipped its mouth. Ghouls of wailing energy flowed from the doll, shattering the claws, but the machine sucked the energy up and transferred it to another pod.
“Yes! Yes! I’ll finally destroy Sonic and his friends this time,” Eggman said. The second pod opened, and a doll fell to the floor.
“Ooh, creepy,” Cubot said.
The doll rose and floated in the air.
Tails Doll.

-Odemon #354 Banette