Odemon #81

Bzzt beep boop.

-Odemon #81 Magnemite

Odemon #138


-Odemon #138 Omanyte

Odemon #325

Bounce, bounce, bounce,
Bouncing is the only thing.
Boing, boing, boing,
Bouncing makes your heart pump.
Hop, hop, hop,
If you stop then you will die.

-Odemon #325 Spoink

Odemon #719

What do you do when you’re a rock
An ordinary rock
Your life so simple
When suddenly you mutate into a princess

-Odemon #719 Diancie

Odemon #489

A new report out today has indicated that the Manaphy population in the oceans has been decreasing. As ocean tempreatures have been rising, Manaphy have been hatching as the mutant, damaged Phione instead. The CEO of Tyrantum Oil, Mr. Stock Carrot R, held a press conference refuting the report.
“This is entirely ridiculous. Manaphy and Phione are two entirely different species of Pokemon, and warming seas wouldn’t have an adverse effect on Manaphy, and also the sea isn’t warming anyway. Besides, Phione are cuter, see?” Stock held up a Phione, who squirmed in his grasp. “They’re much cuter so everyone should just forget about the Manaphy anyway.” Phione squealed and flailed, slapping Stock until he dropped it. “SEE? CUTE.”
The league of Manaphy and Phione held a separate press conference later to refute this stance.
A Manaphy stood on a podium. “Manaphy!”
This has been another Pokemon Special Report.

-Odemon #489 Phione

Odemon #491

Dear Darkrai,
Why do people have nightmares about their teeth falling out?
From, Toothless

Dear Toothless,
What do you think these red spikes around my neck are?
Your nightmare, Darkrai

-Odemon #491 Darkrai

Odemon #421

Sunshine and rainbows, the sky is so bright!
Flowers blooming into the light!
Happiness, joy and fun and excitement!
soul is frozen like endless emptiness
soul burns, choking smoke, flowers wilt
gray cloudy skies
the landscape dies
no hope, no future, nothing but pain
i’d cut myself but the lawn mower won’t start
overcast days of torment move slow
Happy flowers! Happy trees! Happy sun!
Clear blue sky and shining sun!
Rays of light so warm and bright!
Wonderful sight! Quite all right!

-Odemon #421 Cherrim

Odemon #539


-Odemon #539 Sawk

Odemon #486

-Odemon #486 Regigigas

Odemon #396

Once upon a time there was a little Starly. This Starly was weak, and so they convinced a few other Starly to join up and form a group. Then they were strong. Other Starly saw this and wanted to join the group. Then they were stronger. But then they noticed a big group of Trumbeak, so they gathered more Starly to be stronger then the Trumbeak. Then they were too big for their territory so they got more Starly to spread the flock wider. Then they were so big they started to bicker, and the flock split into two sides.
Anyway that’s why our Starly flock has two political parties.
“but i wanted to know why we only have two and not more”

-Odemon #396 Starly