Here are the primary characters of the Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos and their profile posts.

Alden: A bookworm who sets out to experience the world in full but finds it trampling his ideals and, well, him. Appears in Wandering Fortunes

Cagnorm: A magma monster created by Conrad the Conqueror with control over the volcano Mount Chiphus. Appears in Slubes, Darmenzi

Chee: Power-hungry shiffle with a calm demeanor and bad attitude. To her, most cleeple are little more than pests. Appears in Slubes, Darmenzi

Chillone: A major leader of New Zhopolis, Chillone is a short snowble with big plans, ruthless in their dealings. Appears in: Wandering Fortunes

Cherry: An outgoing, confident martial arts girl who’s looking to get out into life. Appears in Slubes, Darmenzi

Conrad the Conqueror: An intergalactic invader who travels the cosmos and conquers worlds. Appears in Slubes, Darmenzi

Czar Spiest: The new ruler of spiest made huge by Conrad the Conqueror’s technology. A ghost with a laser. Appears in Slubes, Darmenzi

Darmenzi: Demon trapped below Mintop’s surface who had a hand in some past disasters of the town Nottle. Origin unknown. Appears in Darmenzi

Numer: The happenstance hero with a nervous disposition. Appears in Slubes, Darmenzi

Ropak: A wrallot without parents, he was raised by his village but always felt out of place. Kinda snarky for it. Left to find his place in the world. Appears in Wandering Fortunes

Sal: A sly, sneaky, stupid, silly, senseless, skillful snake. Appears in Slubes, Darmenzi

Sawn: A buzzsaw brought to life through Conrad the Conqueror’s technology. Now acts as a very fast and very angry agent of his. Appears in SlubesDarmenzi, “Tough as Blades”

Terrent: He’s just a kid! But he’s got a mean streak only rivaled by his bratty streak. Agent of Conrad the Conqueror, for some reason. Appears in Slubes, Darmenzi

Top: A beach ball brought to life through magic. They’s hyperactive and crazy and hungry, but a loyal friend when not distracted. Spouts nonsense. Appears in Wandering Fortunes

Wrodin: A war machine from ancient times brought to life by Conrad the Conqueror’s technology. Explosions! Appears in Slubes, Darmenzi

Professor Zeth: A scatterbrained scientist with an ever-chipper attitude. Appears in Slubes, Darmenzi

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