Character Profile: Alden

Alden is a scalago bookworm. He is often engaged in reading, and is interested in learning. He’s almost entirely self-taught, having read any book he could get his hands on, and he likes to think he understands the world pretty well. He’s a bit guideless compared to his siblings, but he tries to support them with the knowledge he can obtain. He’s not that active, but tries to put what he reads to good use, and he tries to stick to a set of good morals he worked out from the books. To this point he dislikes fighting and tries to be helpful, working whenever he can. He doesn’t spend a lot of time relaxing due to this, but he enjoys spending time with his family and loves to see them happy. Still, he sometimes wishes to experience firsthand the many things he has read about.

For as long as Alden can remember he has lived in the northern forests of Zhop with his uncle Orville and his siblings. He has an older brother named Xavier, a younger sister named Spenk, and a younger brother named Jamal. They live in an old shack owned by Orville near a tiny town called Thole, where they purchase supplies and sometimes find work. Alden has few memories of his parents. According to Orville they were lost exploring in the mountains when he was only a couple years old.

Alden is a green-skinned scalago who is a little on the short side at 1.6 meters tall. His black hair tends to fall forward over his face, so he keeps it cut short, and he wears black-rimmed glasses.

In Wandering Fortunes Alden meets new friends Top and Ropak, and they inspire him to travel to New Zhopolis and experience the world in full. This does not go well. Later he meets a princess!

Alden is 21 years old at the beginning of Wandering Fortunes.