Character Profile: Cagnorm

The final Mintop agent created by Conrad the Conqueror, Cagnorm is a major antagonist in Slubes made of magma. Using some type of advanced nanotechnology probably, a section of magma was isolated and given life, or at least something resembling it. Being a liquid, Cagnorm’s red magma shape is constantly changing. The only features they have besides red magma are two black spots that appear to function as eyes, also slightly fluidic like the rest of their body.

Cagnorm has control of the volcano they reside in, Mount Chiphus, and can make it shake, cause rockslides, and even erupt the volcano, although doing so is likely hazardous to their own health. They usually speak in a loud, deep voice, but sometimes revert to a far whinier one. In Slubes, Cagnorm was created by Conrad to protect the final, though small, piece of the shattered crystal.

Cagnorm was born (sort of) in Slubes, 1 year old in Darmenzi.

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