Character Profile: Chee

Chee is a shiffle with a bad attitude. Being female, she has no hair, and she wears a red shirt with gray sleeves. Atop her head are tied two blue ribbons, and she stands at 1.3 meters tall. She seems perpetually grumpy and acts nastily to everyone. She often speaks in a near-monotone voice, remaining calm and determined no matter the circumstance. On occasion, however, she will fly into a screaming rage, though she soon tries to calm herself out of it and regain control.

She got a taste of power when she was younger and now wants more, willing to do just about anything to achieve control over others. She’s also a skillful mechanic, able to design machines that rival that which large organizations build. Her exact means of building the machines, however, is unknown—she keeps her inner life and work mostly a secret.

Chee makes a minor appearance in the novel Slubes, where she joins a race in the city Interpolis in order to show off her mechanic skills. She becomes overshadowed by Professor Zeth, however, who not only beats her to the finish line but wrecks her vehicle in the process. Sometime over the next year she discovers information on a power hidden underneath the town of Nottle. With this she makes plans to take this power to aid her goal of ruling Mintop.

Chee is 27 years old in Slubes, 28 years old in Darmenzi.