Character Profile: Chillone

Chillone is a snowble in New Zhopolis with tremendous power and short stature. They only stand at about three-quarters of a meter tall with two ball segments. Their nose is small and pointed and appears to be made of a diamond, and they’re usually seen wearing pointed shades and a fedora or top hat, as well as a gray tie and gloves.

A major leader in New Zhopolis, Chillone is a rich and influential snowble. They’ve given money to build new structures in the city and appear in public as a high-class and important snowble, often seen going to plays. They have some influence in the government and keep the economy running smooth. Some say they’re strict about how others operate, but really they don’t mind what most do as long as they don’t hurt them or the economy.

Okay. We got that part out of the way.

Chillone’s the leader of a mafia. The mafia. Somehow they integrated their mafia with Zhop’s military and police force, the Zhopian Guard, giving them free reign to rule the city from the shadows. They essentially control the government, fixing elections so the citizens will vote for their choice. Sometimes these officials are members of their mafia. Other mafia members have joined the Zhopian Guard as secret, high-ranked officers. They’re thoroughly integrated.

It’s true that Chillone is usually calm and doesn’t mind what cleeple do most of the time, but if someone is lagging behind or hurting the economy they’re completely willing to toss them out. Chillone subscribes to a sort of survival of the fittest, but their outlook is focused on others’ survival supplementing their own. Like most snowbles, Chillone sees non-snowbles as useful at best, and pests at worst. Anything Chillone can do to strengthen the economy, even at the expense of others, they’ll do—they’re ruthless. Force the homeless out, lock away dissenters, and allow other mafias to operate—as long as they pay Chillone and their government a fee.

They’re also short.