Character Profile: Darmenzi

Title character and major antagonist of the novel Darmenzi, he is… oh, geeze, where to even begin? There is hardly a place to begin with Darmenzi.

Darmenzi is a demon trapped within the planet Mintop. Having been trapped for centuries, he seems to have had some effect while trapped in causing a number of disasters for the town of Nottle, which he is buried almost directly under. Very little is known about this demon’s powers and history as of this writing, or at least, very little is to be said, or at least is going to be said. In Darmenzi, he is released and goes after a crystal harboring powerful energy that was once used against him and intends then to make all of Mintop pay for his imprisonment. He will turn Mintop into his own disaster movie.

When Darmenzi first appears in the story of the same title, he is nothing more than a dark, cloudy vapor. He soon takes possession of a crawber’s body, and remains relatively unchanged in appearance from the small crustacean, standing at only .7 meters tall. He carries around a staff twice that height. He has limited abilities in this form, able to float and teleport short distances, but is weakened initially.

There may be far more to Darmenzi than is shown here. Perhaps this information will be discovered someday. Perhaps there has been data corruption and not all can be seen at the moment? Who knows! Maybe Darmenzi hacked it because he doesn’t want you seeing it right now. Man, he probably did. What a jerk.