Character Profile: King Eintandus 4

The indigo-skinned king of the Thraundlus Kingdom is a bossy, arrogant tyrant who is often grumpy and usually vicious. He’s viewed by some in the international community as a bully who will shove anyone out of his way to gain power. This has led to rumors regarding the demise of his parents, who died in a landslide while visiting a mine. Eintandus denies any and all connection with it, of course, and there’s no evidence he did anything, but as detractors would say, as the king he could easily have all evidence destroyed. Plus, as king, what power could hold him accountable for his parents’ death?

Inside the Thraundlus Kingdom he has a very different image. He’s seen as a national symbol, a king who carries himself with dignity. He shows off riches to show the Thraundlus Kingdom is wealthy. He may be rough around the edges, but that just shows he’s real. What matters is that he cares about his kingdom and wants to do good by it.

The real story is ultimately somewhere in the middle.

One thing that’s certainly true is a bitter jealousy and hatred he holds towards the Salenth Kingdom. From feeling that they humiliate his kingdom to his belief that the Thraundlus Kingdom has a right to their land, Eintandus has always wanted to use what the Salenth Kingdom has to improve his own country’s lot, and he admires the monarchs that tried to take back the Salenth Kingdom, including his great-grandmother, Queen Maureen 2.

Eintandus is known as a connoisseur of food and has had many dishes imported from outside of the kingdom. He also had extensive training in sword combat growing up, and his muscular composition has given him an athletic reputation, aided by his interest in many scalago sports. However, although he is a tall drink of water at some 2.1 meters high, he’s not actually muscular so much as chunky, craggy, big, and misshapen.

He works to make himself look impressive to outside observers, hiding his craggy appearance with golden armor and purple robes encrusted with jewels. He almost always carries a sword-pickaxe, the symbol of the kingdom and evidence of his loyalty to his land. Aside from his skills in swordplay his big size makes him quite strong and hits from him are punishing, even if he isn’t really muscular strictly speaking.

When King Eintandus first appears in Wandering Fortunes he is 34 years old.