Character Profile: Princess Serani

Princess Serani is daughter of King Vito 17 and Queen Iris 2 of the scalago-led Salenth Kingdom on the planet Derantu. Most news sources and tabloids report on her being headstrong, a princess with many ideas to improve the kingdom, and someone who does not suffer fools. She’s known as a people’s princess who is willing to meet with citizens, even if her guard detail worries over her safety.

In interviews Serani has expressed indifference towards the rival Thraundlus Kingdom, but most suggest under that she seems distrustful and even angry at the kingdom. This may have something to do with her mother, a native of the kingdom who lost her mother in an accident at the mines her parents owned, an accident that, rumor has it, was caused by the Thraundlus Kingdom in a bid to obtain the mine from them.

Serani’s parents have expressed confidence in her and state she has been given the best education. Sometimes it seems they don’t pay her much attention, but Serani has stated they give her all the attention rulers of a kingdom can spare. She has yet to express interest in anyone for a husband, and reporters have suggested she is keeping it a secret, hasn’t found anyone, or hasn’t looked for anyone, and some even rumor that she’s homosexual, though she has denied this.

Some also suggest the parties she often hosts are ways to find someone for a husband, but she says they are to socialize and get to know people across Derantu and beyond. Many famous stars and leaders attend these, and she says she enjoys meeting everyone, including ordinary citizens. She has also confirmed a developing interest in biology, often visiting Salenth Kingdom scientists and studying it on her own.

Despite all this not everything is perfect, and there are often questions about if she would be ready to rule if she suddenly had to. Though she dismisses this, some say she is nervous about the prospect, while others suggest that she overestimates her limits, adding that the lack of seeking a husband ties into her belief she could run the kingdom on her own.

Princess Serani has bright ruby skin with long dark hair, her sidelocks cut just over her soldiers in a Hime cut. She’s rather tall at two meters high and has a long tail to boot, but her snout is short and squished as if her tail was pulled out and her snout pulled in as a result. At social events she often has full, flowing dresses custom-made in many colors and will have flowers placed in her hair.

When Serani first appears in Wandering Fortunes she is 22 years old.