Character Profile: Professor Zeth

Professor Zeth is a slube of science: he’s an inventor and an engineer, although his status as an actual professor is somewhat ambiguous. He’s a little more worldlier than Numer and Cherry, but kind of a scatterbrained goof-up with questionable competency. He’s always got a chipper attitude, though, and is a whiz at mechanics–he just doesn’t have much common sense. He’s always seen wearing foggy glasses-goggles, which he can hardly see without, and stands at 1.9 meters tall.

Zeth hails from Interpolis, a major city on the island of Interp north of Hackney. He moved to Nottle some years ago to study the crystal at the focus of Slubes. He lives in relative obscurity, spending his days tinkering with gadgets. His favorite is the Transpide, a vehicle of his own design they use to travel across the island and beyond. It’s fitted with gadgets and gizmos to help them on their way, but is just missing some very important features like rear-view mirrors!

Zeth is 32 years old in Slubes, 33 years old in Darmenzi.

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