Character Profile: Ropak

Ropak is a wrallot with a—well, let’s say unique feature. Atop his head is a bump, a horn that points straight up, something not found on any other known wrallot. What only adds to the mystery is that Ropak’s parents are unknown—he was found in the daycare of his village one day with no parents to pick him up and no band to identify him. Fortunately wrallot villages raise children as a whole, so he was a common sight among all the families.

Despite being raised among all the families Ropak always felt a little distant from the village, and although he was raised in and accepting of the wrallot way of life, he eventually decided to leave the village and find his place in the world, something no wrallot had ever done or needed to do.

Although Ropak was fairly well-adjusted, he is still sometimes bitter at never having parents to call his own. Due to this he can come off as sarcastic sometimes, but he’s usually jovial about it. He has a pretty easygoing nature—although the wrallot culture extols hard work, Ropak is sometimes what one could even call lazy, but he just likes to relax and take time to not do things.

Still, he’s usually more than willing to be helpful, even if he’s sarcastic about it. Though he enjoys relaxing, he also likes a good romp. Sometimes a bit rash, Ropak will sometimes jump into things without thinking, which can land him in trouble he never anticipated.

As mentioned, Ropak looks like a wrallot but with a spike on his head, giving him the appearance of three points instead of the two most wrallots have on the side, though this spike is smooth and hairless. Due to the spike he’s a bit tall for a wrallot at 1.6 meters tall.

In Wandering Fortunes, Ropak sets out on his own to find his own place in the world. He comes across Alden and Top on his first day and becomes friends with them, and the three eventually set out together to find their fortune.

Ropak is 13 years old at the beginning of Wandering Fortunes.