Character Profile: Sawn

Sawn is a buzzsaw built on Mintop that gained sentience through The Conqueror’s animator. Thin and flat, they cut through the air faster than a bullet that is going over the speed limit and uses their sharp, serrated edge to cut through more substantial things than air, making them like a big shuriken. Like. a .7 meter-tall shuriken. A big shuriken with two big, red eyes on one side.

Sawn is quick to anger and quick to just about everything else. Floats like a bee, stings like an angry blade of death. They relish in destruction, whether it’s sawing through wood or living tissue. In Slubes, Sawn is the first agent of The Conqueror that Numer, Zeth, and Cherry encounter, showing them that there’s something more going on than they first realize.

Sawn is born (sort of) in Slubes, 0 years old in “Tough as Blades“, 1 year old in Darmenzi.

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