Character Profile: Terrent

Terrent is an kid kasdde with a mean streak that vastly surpasses his short stature. He’s a brat who will endlessly complain if not everything goes his way (and will probably complain even if it does). Easily irritated and easily irritating, he thinks he’s better than most everyone else and is quick to make a fuss like the universe revolves around him. Yep, he’s annoying. As a kid, he’s a short .7 meters tall.

Terrent’s life prior to Slubes is a mystery, but when The Conqueror’s gene splicer zapped him, he became a technological genius, able to rig up devices and modifications in a jiffy. After this he finds a shard of the shattered crystal that The Conqueror is after, and he then does the logical thing and starts shooting torpedoes at a harbor. He does what he wants, and he does it for fun (and sometimes nachos).

Terrent is 8 years old in Slubes, 9 years old in Darmenzi.

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