Character Profile: Conrad the Conqueror

Conrad the Conqueror is an intergalactic tyrant who travels the cosmos and conquers worlds (as the name suggests). With four long tentacles and a rather small body, the vast amount of his mass comes from a giant, menacing, bulbous head that puts him at 3.7 meters tall and lets him tower over most anyone and glare at them with his teardrop-shaped eyes. Also, the back of his head is replaced with a glass case, so you can see his brain!

Conrad is a megalomaniac, sure, but he also has a high belief in his qualifications for rule. That is, he’s really smart. He’s calculating and scheming, but quick to anger. Everyone is below him—even if he has respect for someone, they’re still below him in his eyes (of course it helps that he’s taller than a lot of cleeple).

In Slubes, Conrad arrives at Mintop in a scouting space station to examine the planet before he launches a full invasion. In scanning the planet, he comes across a crystal with a vast amount of energy contained within. His plans to take it for himself go awry, though, but he doesn’t intend to let such a powerful artifact slip from his grasp. To this end he recruits an assortment of agents from Mintop using an animator and a gene splicer.

Conrad is 4002 years old in Slubes, 4003 years old in Darmenzi (by his home planet’s calendar; by the Planet Peacemaking Power’s calendar he is 5134 and 5135, respectively).

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