Character Profile: Top

Top is a beach ball. A magical beach ball.

Top is the first character introduced in Wandering Fortunes, which begins with Top’s magical creation by the Micagox. Congratulations, Top, you’ve just been born. The Micagox create Top out of a beach ball in order for them to act as a guardian of the village. To this end Top is very resilient and pliant. They easily bounce back from most physical damage, and even being punctured is little more than a temporary wound that shortly grows back. Even Top’s arm grew back after a moment once when they ate it.

As a beach ball, Top is just .6 meters tall. Their skin has a red, yellow, and blue stripe each across their body, with white stripes between them. They have gray, shapeless feet and gray, stubby arms at each end of the stripes. Two tall, beady eyes are on the red stripe, and below the red stripe stretches a wide mouth from arm to arm filled with big, sharp teeth. Top’s biting power and tooth durability is enough to crunch through solid steel, and the ball seems bigger on the inside, able to store any number of objects in themself as long as they can fit it through their mouth, and they can remove the objects later.

You may have noticed the only pronoun used is “they”. Top is neither male nor female, and doesn’t even start out with a concept of such, since the Micagox are neither male nor female either.

Top is crazy and hyperactive and rarely listens to orders. This and Top’s short attention span left the Micagox unable to control or lead them as a decent guardian. Top is always hungry and will eat just about anything. According to the Micagox Top has a high magical metablism, exacerbated by Top’s hyperactivity. Top also says a lot of nonsense that doesn’t quite follow the conversation. Still, they can be a good friend to those kind to them and who don’t look like food, and Top will loyally defend their friends from danger.

In Wandering Fortunes, Top is kicked out of the Micagox tribe but meets new friends Alden and Ropak. Top’s first friends, they follow and defend them loyally as the three strike out into the world to make a name for themselves. Top’s crazy hyperactivity will probably get in the way of this.

Top is born in Wandering Fortunes.