Character Profile: Wrodin

Wrodin was built in ancient times as a machine of war fitted with guns and explosives of all sorts. Skip to the present, and it’s an abandoned hunk of junk until The Conqueror brings it to life with an animator, at which point the robot joins the hunt for the crystal as the most destructive agent from Mintop yet.

Wrodin has a red outer shell that can open to reveal a cylindrical black center. They’re fitted with a vast array of weapons such as explosive shells, missiles, rockets, energy guns, bullets, miniature versions of itself called wro, their own weight, and even a powerful energy blast that can cut through solid steel. Add to this substantial bulk at 3.5 meters tall, and Wrodin is quite a force.

Wrodin is fixated on war. They aim to be The Conqueror’s top general, desiring nothing more than to sweep the cosmos by The Conqueror’s side, blowing up anyone who stands in their way. Unfortunately, Wrodin has a habit of blowing up anyone who even looks their way: shoot first, ask questions later. They’re a poor strategist and battle planner; in truth, they’re just not a very good general–they’re a weapon.

Wrodin is born (sort of) in Slubes, 1 year old in Darmenzi.

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