Location Profile: Derantu

Three inhabited planets are in the Cloud System, and Derantu is between the others. It rotates west to east, with the sun setting in the west, and it has about a 6500-km radius and is 69% water, 3% of it frozen. Flora is mostly bright and ranges in many colors, and it has one moon. Along with being between the other two physically, its rotation speed and orbit is between the others with a 20-hour day and 438 days in a year.

The calendar is divided into 12 months alternating between 37 and 36 days, with the months based off old gods: Darane, Athine, Zaph, Worrel, Kelorm, Ardon, Adel, Kaloo, Lisse, Granks, Neeze, Mithon. (With the exception of Zaph these are the months used interplanetarily for Mintop.) for Weeks are divided into six days: Starday, Moonday, Spaceday, Comeday, Sunday, and Gooday.

Derantu is composed of three continents, with one in the north, Plawise, and two in the south, Berros in the western hemisphere and Dismurk in the eastern, connected by a long peninsula. In the ocean on the opposite side of this peninsula is the Measse Archipelago, and some underwater civilizations are known to exist in the ocean as well. The continent Berros is where both the Salenth Kingdom and Thraundlus Kingdom are located.

Derantu’s history has been marked by transition and travel, with species from all over the planet moving across the continents. The underwater society of Keurn, meanwhile, has been fairly stable in location. As the planet became more connected attempts at peace gave way to war, leading to a world war that damaged much of the planet. To avoid another a multinational organization of countries was formed, which was eventually expanded into an interplanetary organization when Derantu made contact with Zhop and Mintop.

Derantu is also a major technological center, with the first robots and help blocks being developed on it. It’s often considered that this means Zhop is jealous, hence its invasion of Derantu in an interplanetary war, but despite being split up compared to Zhop’s single government they banded together to stop the invasion, afterwards organizing the Planet Peacekeeping Power to avoid another war.

The ancient history of Derantu is mostly a mystery; the thiipites of Keurn claim that life originated in the ocean and that they’re the direct descendants of that life, thus their civilization is the oldest on the planet. Some say they’re lying, while others say there’s something about that they’re not saying, but as the species is fairly secretive there’s nothing supporting either theory.