Location Profile: Interp

Interp is a big, oval island on the planet Mintop. The center is occupied by the vast city of Interpolis; off a cliff face to the west is the metal harbor, Shellport. Two beaches lay to the north and south—to the south, the popular tourist destination of Sandy Beach, and to the north, the unpopular nobody’s destination of Rocky Beach (which is made of very craggy, exposed stone).


Interpolis is big. That’s the first thing anyone who goes there will notice. On the edges of Interpolis are a few residential areas, while slightly further in are small buildings generally housing smaller businesses. After that you get to endless high-rise buildings. If you stand atop the tallest building, you’d be able to see the coast… except the other tall buildings are in the way. The roads are paved with concrete, vehicles drive past all day, and there are more cleeple in this one city than the entire island of Hackney. IT’S BIG.

Interpolis is strongly connected to the more advanced continental lands far away, although not quite as connected as Shellport is. Interpolis was largely built through influence by settlers and businessmen from those lands. Because of this, a mix of many different species can be seen, both those that lived on Interp in the distant past and those from faraway lands.

Near the center of Interpolis is the seat of power for the island of Interp. Every four years the island elects a president, with there being a 3-term limit for presidents. There are four main parties on Interp—the first two are probably named Democratic Cleeple’s Party for Interp and Republic Liberal Our Name Means Absolutely Nothing. They’re the two main parties, but many see them as so similar and for the status quo that the two smaller parties are starting to get more power. Both smaller parties want more power for the cleeple, but have different ways of doing it—one wants to fix the government and root out corruption, while the other is against the government doing much of anything in general.

The economy of Interpolis is standardized with the rest of the planet. It prints its own currency, which does quite well for a single island due to all the island exports that are sent out of Shellport.


If Interpolis is a modern city, Shellport is the future. The entire port is made of metal suspended high above the ocean off a cliff coast, held up by huge iron beams. The lower layer of Shellport lies against the sea, with the actual docks placed in the center and inns and businesses related to the sea placed around them. Three giant elevators connect it to the upper layer, which houses all other businesses and residential areas. Two wide metal pathways connect the upper layer to Interp proper.

Shellport’s government and economy are shared with that of Interpolis’; the largest amount of economic activity on it is related to imports and exports to larger continental countries, but a decent amount of it is also directly related to the sea.

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