Location Profile: Mintop

In the Clouk System of planets, Mintop is the closest inhabited one to the sun. It is somewhat tropical throughout, being 80% water with 2% of that frozen, its oceans a pale magenta color. A year on Mintop lasts 398 days, with each day lasting 22 hours. It has 11 months, all with 36 days except the first and last months, which each have 37. It also has one moon.

Unlike Zhop and Derantu, Mintop rotates east to west, so the sun sets in the east. Its radius is roughly just over 6,000 km, making it the smallest of the three inhabited planets. Current population estimates place it at about 6 1/2 billion cleeple, making it far less populated than the other planets. Throughout its history it has often been neutral territory—Zhop and Derantu often see each other as rivals, leaving Mintop as something of a third wheel there. It alternates between being ignored and courted, though it doesn’t seem to use this to its advantage very much.

The largest continent, Wrepara, is mostly in the western hemisphere just above the equator, a rather round continent that also has the biggest country. The eastern part of Wrepara is much thinner and closer to the northern pole, where it stretches halfway across the planet. This area is where shiffles evolved. Below this area are several big islands. Far south of Wrepara are also three big islands where kasddes evolved.

The other continent is called Kalb’ney, located on the eastern hemisphere across the equator. It’s the area that verk’lons evolved. Off the west coast of Kalb’ney near the meridian is a collection of small islands that has the greatest diversity of intelligent life on Mintop. Many theories have been put forth as to why this is, with the main theory being that they were unable to spread to the other islands and so each one was more isolated. There is some evidence against this, though.