Wandering Fortunes

Table of Contents

Note that these parts are the prog version and may be different from the eventual published book


Part 1: Zhop

Chapter 1: Guardian of Goofiness

Chapter 2: No Stranger Stranger

Chapter 3: Homed Out

Chapter 4: Off the Walls

Chapter 5: Wonder of Fortune

Chapter 6: Friends of a Feather

Chapter 7: The Obsidian City

Chapter 8: Employment Inefficiency

Chapter 9: No Hobo

Chapter 10: A Place for the Placeless

Chapter 11: Traveling Down Terrible Lane

Chapter 12: Unbalancing Act

Chapter 13: Testy Wills

Chapter 14: Top’s Tasty Turmoil

Chapter 15: For a Friend’s Benefit

Chapter 16: Conspiracy of Kindness

Chapter 17: Ride of the Domestic Device Drover, but I Guess There Are More Important Matters at Hand

Chapter 18: At Odds and Endings

Chapter 19: Homesickening

Chapter 20: To the Ends of Zhop


Part 2

Chapter 21: A Fresh Start

Chapter 22: The Pearl Kingdom

Chapter 23: Friends Don’t Let Friends Rot in a Basement

Chapter 24: I Love a Parade!

Chapter 25: Top Chef

Chapter 26: Sea Spectrum

Chapter 27: Fools and Love

Chapter 28: Sorry Search

Chapter 29: Friend Missing; Love Gone!

Chapter 30: A Friendly Deed

Chapter 31: Knucklehead Goofball

Chapter 32: Food Fighting

Chapter 33: Dungeon Duel

Chapter 34: Courage Now or Forever No Peace

Chapter 35: Flight of the Guardian

Chapter 36: A Top Team Escape (NEW)

Chapter 37: A Place in the World